Face the Facts

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Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley

In 2005 at the age of 16, my daughter bought her very first car, a 1970 Volkswagen bus. As an artist, she saw a white van as a blank canvas, so she hand painted colorful swirls and designs all over it. She was so proud to have paid her very own hard-earned money to buy this vehicle. It was so old and rusted, she could see the road through the holes in the floorboard. It didn’t matter. It was hers.

One day when she got to school, a girl ran up to her and exclaimed, “Amber! You had a blowout! The rubber from your tire was flying into my windshield. I honked and honked at you, but you kept going.”

“No I didn’t,” Amber replied adamantly. “I would have known if I had had a blowout.” She went to check her tires and found one wheel almost completely bare. After some thought, she said, “Oh! That’s what that noise was! I heard something loud, so I just turned my radio up louder!”

“Check your tires”

Whether it is investigating what’s making that loud noise, cleaning the dirty dishes in the sink,or confronting the obvious health issue we are experiencing, we all must tackle uncomfortable or daunting tasks in our lives. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away.

What fact are you ignoring? Is there a task you need to complete at work, but you just can’t seem to get started? Do you need to study for a test or prepare a presentation? Have you noticed a change in your health that worries you – but not enough to go to the doctor?

Take care of these problems before you “have a blowout.” Waiting can only exacerbate the issues, so tackle them before they get too big to handle. If you have a growing list of items to face, write them down and assign a reasonable completion date. Address the most serious items first, especially if your health is at risk.

Self care

You really must take care of yourself first. See your doctor if there has been a change in your health, physically or emotionally. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you are not well, how can you live your best life? We’ve all heard the analogy of putting on your own oxygen mask first. If loved ones depend on you, you have to be strong enough to care for them.

Take steps to get well by eating better, getting more rest, and exercising more. Of course you already know all of this, but take an honest assessment. Only you have that power to improve your health. Delaying action could prove to be costly and possibly cause irreparable damage.

Ignoring the warning signs can be devastating. Face the facts!



  1. This is so true! It’s easy to make excuses but we all need to face them head on! Thanks for this inspirational and funny blog!

  2. Great blog, Karen! I’m so excited to hear about your new endeavor! I will spread the word.

  3. Very good analogy….enjoyed reading the blog and your insight! Cool van too:) tw

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